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Block NFT
Enterprise-grade solutions for NFTs

Our White-Label NFT platform is the complete solution for generating and managing digital assets. By combining high-level technical expertise with a strategic vision, we offer our clients the most advanced tools on the market to create and manage NFTs effectively.

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Build, Manage and distribute your NFTs

BlockInvest NFT is the ideal 2.0 platform for brands, companies, institutions, and individuals who want to explore the world of NFTs in a simple, fast, and secure way.

Thanks to the use of public blockchains, all NFTs generated on our platform will be registered and permanently stored, allowing our users to create an original and innovative digital imprint of their work.

Blockinvest proposes a simple, secure, fully compliant, and white-label solution for brands wishing to take their first steps into the NFT ecosystem.

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Block NFT Benefits

Easy and fast

Thanks to our tools, you can easily and quickly deploy NFT collections.
Everything is ready to be used, you just need to link your artwork to our code!


IT developers working for BlockInvest’s financial platform, provide a code and IT structure, secure and professional. The integrity of smart contracts is tested and not at risk of being breached.


BlockInvest within its NFT bundle, offers a whitelist distribution system to ensure that the generated assets can not be stolen or transferred to unapproved wallets without consent.

Platform for Minting

System for selling/distributing to the public the assets of the NFT collection.

Dedicated Secondary Marketplace

Customized platform to enable the exchange of NFTs once distributed to the public.

Update Your NFT Collections

A groundbreaking feature that enables you to edit your NFT collections and add all the necessary metadata information.

NFT Use cases

The primary uses of NFTs are currently in fields such as art markets, gaming, and domain names. But where else could NFTs be used?

Product Warranty

Goodbye annoying warranty cards. Nearly all manufacturers have some type of product warranty, but customer activation, via mail-in or online forms, is historically poor. NFTs can easily be used to simplify this process. Also, secondary buyers can obtain a trustworthy record of the goods.

Loyalty Program

Building upon the concept of digital exclusives, brands can incorporate NFTs to make their loyalty programs more interactive, engaging

Inspection & facility management

When dealing with complex systems or construction processes, inspections are key to provide safety and accountability. Inspection records can use Enterprise NFT technology to create an immutable record of an inspection being executed the right way.

Digital Collectibles for Business

Brands are sitting on assets that they don’t realize are worth a lot of money. Digital designs typically precede product production for brands like cars, watches, and designer clothing. Marketing departments have an abundance of digital assets. These are all that we refer to as Brand Digital Collectibles.

Intellectual property & copyright

Enterprise NFTs provide an immutable record that can’t be doubted. When it comes to IP and copyright, having a record of when you made something can be extremely useful in the case of infringement. This application can also be very useful for brand protection.


A new way of creating and distributing event tickets using unique digital assets on a blockchain, providing security and preventing duplication and fraud. This can help to provide a record of ownership and prevent counterfeit tickets.

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