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Token L.A.B.

and Token P.R.O.

Exploring innovation of blockchain ecosystems

 A Comprehensive Guide to History, Smart Contracts, Token Types, Regulations, Use-Cases, and Integrations with Traditional Banking and Finance
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Real estate

Real estate tokenization helps asset owners raise capital more efficiently and gives investors a new way to access to its investment, assuring transparency and liquidity.


Equity tokens are a blockchain representation of ownership of an asset. With that, companies can issue shares and voting rights on a blockchain with the aim of stimulating the market, increase the investor base and manage company share.


The application on invoices, through the certification of the related documents, facilitates the process of obtaining invoice discounts and credit transferring operations.

Carbon credit

The process on carbon credits creates exchange tradable assets, allowing an easier offset of carbon footprint. Blockchain allows for reliable and transparent tokens issuance, distribution and pricing.


NPL Tokenization will face the main problem of the market that is relatively closed and reserved to a small number of investors: oligopsony where there are a lot of barriers to entry plus inefficiency along the whole value chain.

Corporate bonds

Trading security tokens, representing fractional units of the underlying bonds, addresses the issue of illiquidity in debt markets. In addition, Blockchain ensure transparency and immutability of transactions shifting the market in this direction.


Company is searching for financing, collateralizing its own warehouse.

It’s not a matter of if,

but rather a question of when.

According to the World Economic Forum: 10% of GDP will be represented on Blockchain
by 2027

More and more companies and financial institutions are exploring and
experimenting with blockchain use cases (real estate, bonds and
equity are just a few of them)

To be perceived as an innovative institution, blockchain is
the area of technology in which the world’s leading financial institutions are investing in

Of the top 100 banks by assets under management, 61 have
invested in blockchain-related companies

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Token L.A.B.

A structured journey  that helps companies and financial institutions to understand one of the technological innovations that will radically change their markets with a practical approach that starts from the participants’ business needs


Knowledge transfer workshops to better understand blockchain technology, starting from its history, technology characteristics and its applicability, concept of tokenization and token typologies, smart contracts and oracles,  the current regulatory landscape, NFTs and metaverse


Bring onboard participants to show features and advantages of the BlockInvest platform in order to better understand related strengths and advantages. Analyze main use cases, roles & procedures, investor management, token creation, and issuance.


Vertical thematic workshops to understand, collect and design with the client the best use cases in line with BlockInvest features, Client’s business needs, IT requirements and regulatory framework related to each country and/or asset class.

Token P.R.O.

Dedicated to companies and institutions that already have a basic knowledge of the Blockchain and security token market. A project whose objective is to bring financial institutions to manage real-world assets and issue financial instruments (security tokens) on-chain. Ready to tokenize the world, one block at a time.


Pilot or shadow operation of a past or current project, with a dedicated client BlockInvest environment, in which each user will have an active role inside the platform to better understand and measure the efficiency and innovation of BlockInvest solution and blockchain technology.


Platform’s Customization, integration, and implementation analysis according to client’s needs from a Business, legal and IT point of view: KPI definition, use-case, IT integration and customization


Define all the platform and project details for white-label license purchase: timeline and investment needed to have your own BlockInvest platform and start to tokenize your first Asset

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