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About us

We decided to found BlockInvest with the aim of bridging the gap between blockchain and the world of traditional financial markets, creating, through our team, a user-friendly solution without the need to have technical skills to use it.

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Blockchain Technology Expertise

Financial and business knowledge

Experience with Private Market


The BlockInvest Team combines transversal backgrounds: technical, business, and financial expertise. This made it possible to develop a solution in line with the needs of financial market operators.

CEO & Co-Founder

Lorenzo Rigatti

Business Development

Salvatore Morello

Business Development Manager

Giacomo Della valentina

Marketing Manager

Enrico Cadeddu


Fabio Pacchioni

Business Development

Tommaso Cattaneo

Technical Support

Davide Caminati


Rossano Petrucci

BlockNFT Development

Emanuele Civini

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Our story

September 2019

Company Launch

August 2020

First capital increase, subscribed by nationally recognised Finance -Real Estate operators

August 2021

Long-term contract signed with a financial operator based in Luxembourg.

December 2021

Second capital increase reserved and fully subscribed by Credit Agricole Italia.

March 2022

Started working on RWA (Real World Asset) tokenization with international players.

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