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Tokenize Real-World
with BlockInvest

Compliant, secure, institutional-grade digital securities

Our advanced platform delivers solutions for creating transparent, secure digital securities. Find out how you can save time and money and increase your profits with Blockinvest.

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Reduce entry barriers, save time and allow process automation in a secure and transparent environment. 


Bring liquidity to an illiquid market. Reduce geographical barriers, making trading easier among investors.

Manage your issuance on the blockchain: token supply, eligible investors, servicing and corporate actions.


Tokenizing Real-world assets

Our Solution is a new generation SaaS management platform, made for financial institutions and market participants, designed to improve the process of selling alternative assets.

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Block NFT

Enterprise-grade NFTs solutions

 Ideal for brands, companies, institutions and individuals who wish to take the first steps into the world of NFT in speed, simplicity, and security.

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Unlock Digital Assets potential

We combine the liquidity needs of financial institutions by offering investors the opportunity to trade in previously strictly closed and private markets.

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The most reliable existing technology applied to the most valuable market

Financial institutions’ needs

Financial institutions need innovative ways to increase investor base, to optimize sale processes and to reduce information asymmetries among market participants, especially in this historical moment.

Our applied technologies

Thanks to the Blockchain and the adoption of the fractional ownership concept, an accredited investor could easily get a portion of a digitalized asset, without the need to rely on intermediaries.

Our technology itself acts as trustee.

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Fractionalized Asset trading powered by Blockchain technology

Blockinvest is the bridge between finance and blockchain, opening the doors of distributed ledger technologies to enterprises, institutions, and investors, allowing real-world-assets investments to spread worldwide.

Thanks to this solution it is possible to digitize the sales process, creating the financial instrument of the underlying asset (security token) and take advantage of the blockchain technology to broaden the investor base at a global level, in a trustless environment with an unparallel security level.

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BlockInvest is the bridge between traditional finance and blockchain,
making illiquid markets finally liquid and transparent

Lorenzo Rigatti – CEO

BlockInvest: an intuitive blockchain-based zero-code platform

Our Proprietary Technology is powered by the interoperability between Ethereum and Polygon, giving users the possibility to complete transfers across chains with speed and efficiency.

Transactions per second capacity
Gas fees required
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