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Market Infrastructure for banks and financial institutions

Scalable, built for financial institutions

Allows to digitize and tokenize real world assets on blockchain. In order to make them liquid and accessible to qualified investors.

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Capital Markets

In an ever-evolving financial world, our blockchain-based SaaS solution is designed to transform capital markets. We offer financial institutions, such as banks and investment firms, innovative tools to tokenize both debt and equity assets. Our platform streamlines the issuance and management of tokenized securities, from corporate bonds to equity shares, enhancing liquidity and increasing transparency across the entire capital structure.

Enhanced Efficiency

  • Automated Corporate Actions: Set up regular dividend payments and execute corporate actions directly from the platform, streamlining processes.
  • Rapid Settlement: Dramatically reduce or eliminate the time between trading and settlement, enhancing market efficiency.

Global Reach

  • Expanded Investor Base: Attract a new breed of global investors through the borderless nature of blockchain technology.
  • 24/7 Market Access: Enable round-the-clock trading and operations, transcending traditional market hours.

Improved Liquidity

  • Fractional Ownership: Allow smaller investors to participate by enabling the purchase of fractional shares.
  • Secondary Market Creation: Facilitate the development of robust secondary markets for traditionally illiquid assets.

Asset Management

Enhanced Transparency

  • Public Verifiability: Leverage public blockchain to provide transparent, tamper-proof records of all transactions and asset states.
  • Real-time Asset Tracking: Enable all stakeholders to independently verify asset performance and transaction history on the public ledger.

Robust Compliance

  • Up-to-date Regulatory Adherence: Stay fully compliant with all current regulations in the securitization space, ensuring your operations meet the latest legal requirements.
  • Adaptive Compliance Framework: Quickly adapt to regulatory changes, maintaining compliance in a dynamic legal landscape.

Operational Efficiency

  • Streamlined Cap Table Management: Easily manage and update cap tables in real-time, reducing operating and reporting costs.
  • Smart Contract Automation: Automate complex structuring processes, reducing the need for intermediaries and associated fees.

Revolutionize your fund management with the power of blockchain technology. Our innovative SaaS solution empowers asset managers to leverage the full potential of fund tokenization. By seamlessly integrating this cutting-edge technology, we help you streamline operations, enhance liquidity, and reduce costs. Our secure, transparent platform enables confident fund tokenization while ensuring regulatory compliance.


Our Securitization services at BlockInvest bring a new level of transparency, efficiency, and accessibility to asset-backed securities. By utilizing blockchain technology, we offer innovative solutions that transform traditional securitization processes. From structuring and issuing digital securities to ensuring compliance and facilitating secondary market trading, we empower businesses to unlock liquidity and investors to gain exposure to high-quality, tokenized assets.

Enhanced Security

  • Immutable Record-Keeping: Leverage blockchain’s tamper-resistant nature to maintain accurate and secure fund records.
  • Reduced Counterparty Risk: Minimize reliance on intermediaries, potentially reducing overall risk exposure.

Cost Effectiveness

  • Reduced Intermediaries: Automate many traditional fund management processes, lowering operational costs.
  • Efficient Value Transfer: Enable faster, cheaper transactions by leveraging blockchain technology.

Increased Accessibility and Liquidity

  • Lower Minimum Investments: Enable smaller investors to participate through fractional ownership and reduced entry barriers.
  • Simplified Cross-border Investments: Facilitate easier international investments, expanding the potential investor base.

What makes BlockInvest unique?

Our proprietary technology overcomes some of the largest barriers that until today have stopped enterprises and institutions to enter the Blockchain market.
Some of the unique solutions we developed include:

Link with underlying real-world assets

BlockInvest’s central feature is being able to create one or more tokens, starting from a real underlying, described on the platform (through a specific notarized dataset) and “deployed” on a public blockchain.


Separations of powers

In other solutions, with a single Issuer account, it is possible to manage the entire process of creation, issue, whitelisting, and transfer of tokens.


Custody redefined

BlockInvest solves this central problem for both Investors and Issuers.
Investors: thanks to the introduction of the transfer agent, the only one who can finalize transactions,

Process on Chain

Bringing the entire process on-chain. This holistic approach ensures enhanced transparency, security, and efficiency in managing financial operations.

User Friendly

User-friendly and market-driven, BlockInvest’s SaaS solution is tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses and enterprises.


Multiple Token standard

Supporting multiple token standards, BlockInvest ensures seamless integration and management of diverse financial instruments.


Platform Features

Zero-code solution

Provide a new zero-code enterprise solution, allowing the Client to manage and tokenize assets of different classes in a compliant way.

Private environment

Each issuer/seller has their own dedicated and private environment: manage only invited investors; no database is shared with other financial institutions.


Customization and white-label solution (on demand).

Tokenize assets with blockinvest platform

Fully compliant platform to tokenize every asset

We’ve simplified the complex and non-standardized dataset, the due diligence and the investment process.

Investor Onboarding

When security tokens are issued, they must only be allocated to eligible and approved investors. BlockInvest clients will be able to perform:

  • The online KYC procedure is compliant with the EU standard, MiFID II.
  • Investor On-chain Whitelisting (only whitelisted accounts can make transactions on the blockchain)
  • Direct communication with the approved investor


In order to apply compliance during issuance/transfers, we created the TRANSFER AGENT figure on-chain, able to control all the transactions. This centralized authority is managed by the Issuer, and can make:

  • Digital onboarding and token allocation
  • Transfer this authority another centralized figure (i.e.: Notary)
  • Securities total supply control (token mint-burn etc.)


Security tokens are representations of securities issued using a blockchain infrastructure. Securities laws from the issuer and investor jurisdictions apply. Managing post-issuance operations, such as corporate actions and reporting is crucial. In particular:

  • Direct communication with all investors
  • “Cap table” management
  • Automatic reporting
  • Analytics and insight

Benefits of using BlockInvest:

  • Fully compliant platform (KYC & AML)
  • End-to-End Investor Management
  • Multi-Asset Platform
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Customizable Information Access
  • Global Investor Reach
  • Fractional Asset Ownership
  • Advanced Portfolio Analytics
  • Fully Digitized Processes

Real estate

Real estate tokenization helps asset owners raise capital more efficiently and gives investors a new way to access to its investment, assuring transparency and liquidity.


Equity tokens are a blockchain representation of ownership of an asset. With that, companies can issue shares and voting rights on a blockchain with the aim of stimulating the market, increase the investor base and manage company share.


The application on invoices, through the certification of the related documents, facilitates the process of obtaining invoice discounts and credit transferring operations.

Carbon credit

The process on carbon credits creates exchange tradable assets, allowing an easier offset of carbon footprint. Blockchain allows for reliable and transparent tokens issuance, distribution and pricing.


NPL Tokenization will face the main problem of the market that is relatively closed and reserved to a small number of investors: oligopsony where there are a lot of barriers to entry plus inefficiency along the whole value chain.

Corporate bonds

Trading security tokens, representing fractional units of the underlying bonds, addresses the issue of illiquidity in debt markets. In addition, Blockchain ensure transparency and immutability of transactions shifting the market in this direction.


Company is searching for financing, collateralizing its own warehouse.

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