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We are delighted to introduce our latest tool to enhance communication between financial institutions and investors within the BlockInvest platform. We are always on the lookout for ways to make the user experience simpler, and the Investor Relations Tool is a significant step toward that goal.


The Investor Relations section is readily accessible through the platform’s dropdown menu. This means that authorized users (investors or special roles) can quickly reach this section without having to navigate through numerous menus and pages. This quick access allows users to save valuable time and focus directly on managing their relationships/requests.

Efficient Communication

At the heart of the “Investor Relations” area is the communication interface. Here, users can write messages, share documents, and collaborate quickly and efficiently with special roles and vice versa. This tool enables instant and direct communication, eliminating the need to use external communication means such as email or phone calls. The ability to share documents directly on the platform further simplifies the exchange of information (while keeping the document confidential to the relevant parties).

Special Requests

A unique aspect of the “Investor Relations” area is the ability to send specific requests to Transfer Agents or Whitelist Managers. These requests can relate to token sales and transfers or KYC and whitelisting matters. The ability to assign a cause to the group and select the transfer agent before forwarding the request ensures targeted and efficient communication. This streamlined process speeds up the resolution of critical investor-related issues and also allows for the connection of two or more investors interested in buying or selling a particular instrument, effectively creating a reserved and secure secondary market.

Transparency and Control

The “Investor Relations” area offers a high level of transparency and control over communications and interactions with investors. Users can easily monitor the status of submitted requests and receive real-time updates.

Furthermore, all conversations, along with information and documents, are stored in the system. This enables financial institutions to easily access and review the progress of their conversations even after some time has passed, ensuring reliable archiving of all relevant data.

In summary, with the “Investor Relations” tool, BlockInvest introduces a new communication tool that proves to be highly valuable for financial institutions. With a direct line of communication, we are simplifying how institutions interact with our technological platform, making the management of digital assets on the blockchain more straightforward. We are excited to see how this innovation will enhance our platform and make the experience increasingly accessible.

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