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Whitelisting is a cybersecurity strategy used to approve a list of emails, IP addresses or in the case of BlockInvest the wallets of investors.

The BlockInvest solution allows only enabled wallets within the whitelist to purchase and receive security tokens linked to the underlying asset of the transactions proposed by the platform operators.

The Whitelist Manager’s role is to verify that investors, invited by the proposing financial institution, have fully and correctly shared all information and data necessary to verify their identity and eligibility for investment participation (KYC).

Only after this verification can it whitelist (i.e. include and enable) investors’ wallet addresses.

If any information is missing or additional verification is required, the whitelist manager can contact the investors directly on the platform via the messaging system to complete the verification and whitelist their address.

If the need arises, it is also possible to remove addresses from the whitelist, to prevent an investor, who no longer fulfills the parameters necessary to use the platform, from accessing other transactions and purchasing other tokens.

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