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With 2021 in the rearview mirror, it is now time to check out all the things Blockinvest has lined up for 2022. While 2021 was focused mainly on building foundations and partnerships, we hope that 2022 will increase the Security tokens momentum and spread it across other industries.

With the right foundation in place, we expect 2022 to be a period of growth and expansion for Blockinvest as we continue to tokenize new assets and onboard customers from different industries.

Want a recap of how we got here? A quick timeline, from 2021 to present

2022 – What to expect

DeFi bridge to financial partners and traditional world

One of the main goals for 2022 is to create a bridge between the traditional investments and the new ones. A bridge between real-world assets like real estate, bonds, equities to DeFi. The objective is not only to allow issuers to issue and finance their real-world assets without intermediaries and expensive procedures but also to provide everyone with access to these markets.  While providing liquidity, the retail investor would be able to receive a stable-coin interest plus the investment back. On the other hand, by opening liquidity doors to enterprises, which may have historically faced issues when raising funds, we would be enabling them to access financing securely, transparently, and efficiently. 

150 M tokenized assets

While we achieved our Business Plan tokenization goal of 2021, Q4 marked the onboarding of multiple new clients on Blockinvest. Some of their projects have been launched already and are accessible for invited users and institutional investors; others will be launching soon. With that in mind, this year we aim to tokenize 150M in real-world assets using Blockinvest (both from primary and secondary markets). Through our clients and industry partners, we believe the potential expansion in this market is very large since the industry is showing a growing interest in blockchain-based securities, which are cheaper, faster, and easy to manage.


We aim to expand our tokenization operations to new jurisdictions, taking advantage of pioneering laws and regulations into digital assets. Our technology is borderless, therefore we have no limits on where our customers are coming from. After having tested and launched successful projects in several EU countries, we aim to expand to other neighboring countries and in Arab Countries/North America. Markets such as France, UAE, UK and Switzerland are some of those we will be working on this year. 

Industrial partners

Tokenization opens up new financing methods and business models for industrial companies.  In fact, we have understood that Blockinvest could solve some of the financing issues in the industrial sector and during 2022 we would like to see that work in practice.

Direct investments in individual machines and production lines enable industrial companies to use new financing methods and open up interesting investments for investors. We aim to help in that sector. This drives innovation and growth as investors can invest directly in the development of new technologies and manufacturing facilities. While opening up new opportunities for portfolio diversification.  

New Real world assets

At the core of what we do is a laser focus on providing solutions to market needs. We started from NPL/Real estate sector, expanding then to bonds and equities. With the goal of solving real-world problems, we aim to integrate new real asset campaigns in the following year.

Team Expansion 

We are working to bring extraordinary people on board. Not only crypto guys or software Development but also Business positions. If you are reading this article, you may have a look at our Linkedin. We believe we’ll have more openings coming in the next weeks so keep an eye on our Linkedin.


Even if our team is based across various locations, we recognize the value of real-life relationships and meetings. Therefore we are planning to organize some events in our headquarters in Milan, Italy. On the other side, we are planning to take part in some international events across our target markets.

With further developments, this roadmap can change over time and be re-prioritized but is a good reflection of how our development team expects the year to unfold.  Stay tuned for more updates on these and other Blockinvest initiatives on the way!

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