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Nowadays, everything is just one click away. Buying a plane ticket or a food delivery takes seconds.

However if you want to buy stocks or get a loan, procedures are more time-consuming.

Whether it’s caused by bureaucracy or slow technology, many types of settlements aren’t instant. Assets like gold, real estate, intellectual property rights, art, or carbon credits are difficult to transfer, often forcing buyers and sellers to contend with loads of paperwork and lengthy procedures, which may lead not to complete the purchase.

Accelerating the exchange of value using blockchain

Today’s cross-border trading of real-world assets is delayed with time complexity, and inefficiencies.

On the other side, the ability to move real-world assets onto a blockchain offers the advantages of a secure digital platform, while retaining the characteristics of the asset.

By representing physical assets as digital tokens on a distributed digital ledger or blockchain, it’s possible to unlock the value of real-world assets and exchange them in real-time.

This is in line with the mission of Blockinvest, making real assets digital and easy to be created, traded, and tokenized.

On our way to put in practice this mission, we have recently integrated a few new classes inside the Blockinvest platform:

  •  Industrial Processes
  •  Warehouses
  •  Contract
  •  IP Rights
  •  Carbon Credit
  •  Collectibles

Blockinvest has started from the NPL and Real Estate Markets, but why should we focus on one single market?

We can disrupt many other industries and market needs may vary depending on the location and client-specific requests. What Blockinvest believes is the technology that we used to build our platform.

Thanks to public blockchains such as Ethereum, we can create tokens that can represent these assets and trade them worldwide. It provides a standard that can be used without borders.

Not only UTP, NPL. Blockchain allows to tokenize a lot of other Real-World assets, monetize them and distribute their cash flows are sold as standard units to investors. Unlocking a huge value for both banks, funds (token creators), and investors in a win-win situation for every participant of the new ecosystem.

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